Suomen Vitamiinikeskus | Vitamiinit ja ravintolisät verkkokaupasta


Finnish, naturally!

The domesticity and origin of the products are at the heart of the matter for us, we want to provide our customers with only the best quality. The Finnish origin also expresses our responsible operation, safety and good quality.

The products of the Finnish Vitamin Centre are always manufactured in Finland- safely and reliably. Our nutritional supplements are manufactured in accordance with high international standards (GMP certificate) and the quality of the products is constantly monitored.

We want to provide our customers with only the best possible vitamin preparations. An important part of product quality is also the fact that the products we sell are in the best available form for the body.

Precise stipulations regarding the size, appearance and microbiological and chemical purity of the products have been given. The characteristics of each finished product must comply with these. Thus, the final product is always consistent and safe.

Evira monitors the operation of the Vitamin Centre in Finland. Evira’s Oiva report estimates the food safety of the Finnish Vitamins Centre through smilies. You can access this report here.